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Taylor’d Speech is NOT currently contracted with any insurance providers.

The fee for services are collected before each service in the form of cash or credit card. If you are interested in knowing your potential level of reimbursement , please contact your insurance provider and inquire about their coverage for “Out of Network” Speech-Language Therapy services.

If you choose to submit for reimbursement with your insurance company, inform the clinician and you will be provided with a monthly service invoice of paid services. Please call your insurance company to verify coverage in order to receive reimbursement for "out of network" services.


Taylor’d Consultations 

A consultation is appropriate for a child who has received a recent evaluation (e.g., via EI, CPSE, school). A 1-hour meeting will be held, where your child will be observed, previous reports/testing will be reviewed, your concerns will be addressed. Finally, a one page report with clinical impressions and recommendations provided.

Mini - Taylor’d Evaluations 

Mini- evaluations are recommended if your concerns are specific to one area of speech or language (e.g., articulation, expressive language, fluency). This will help the clinician to produce new/updated speech/language goals. It includes a one-hour assessment, where we meet you and your child, review previous reports, testing, etc. A 1.5 to 3 page report will be provided that includes: clinical impressions, recommendations, and speech language goals (if needed).

Full - Taylor’d Evaluations 

Full evaluations are recommended if you are unsure of the exact area of concern or your concerns involve more than one area of speech/language: expressive language (vocabulary, grammar, social use), listening skills, pre-literacy, literacy, social and play skills, stuttering, voice, and feeding development. This is recommended for those who have never been evaluated or have not had a recent evaluation completed (1-2 years old).

Full-Evaluations can take up to 1 - 2.5 hours, depending on the focus of attention, participation, and cooperation of the child. Breaks are given as needed.

A three to eight page report will be provided that includes clinical impressions, recommendations, and goals.



- After reviewing evaluations/results, the speech-language pathologist will provide his/her clinical opinion and suggest a mandate (time & frequency per week), based on each individual client’s abilities and treatment goals.  Sessions can range from 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. 

Cancellation Policy:

A $50 cancellation fee will apply to appointments, if appointments are cancelled with less than 24-hours notice of scheduled service. After the second instance, the full rate will be charged.


Make-up Sessions:

If scheduled sessions are cancelled by the client/caregiver, make-ups are not provided.

If a session is cancelled by the clinician, the clinician will provide a make-up within 1-2 weeks of scheduled session, at the same billable rate.

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