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Evaluations. Treatment. Telepractice.

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Evaluations for Speech-Language & Assistive Technology 


Evaluations include utilization of standardized assessment tools, non-standardized assessment tools, parent and/or teacher interview, and clinical observations. These assessments will help our clinicians to determine the area(s) of concern that require treatment.

Evaluations are completed in one session and are time-dependent on the individual client and his/her needs. Once the results have been analyzed, a phone consultation will follow to discuss assessment findings and a written report will be provided. The clinician will provide his/her recommendations for therapy based on the client’s strengths and areas of need.

Had an evaluation completed recently?

If the client has recently been evaluated (within the last year), all of the most recent evaluations must be provided. An initial consultation will be completed, where a clinician will review the documents and discuss his/her clinical impressions, as well as recommendations for therapy.



Our therapists provide individual and group therapy sessions treating children with a variety of abilities. We believe in a collaborative model, and encourage caregives to engage in sessions in order to maximize carryover opportunities during daily routines and interactions. Holistic, developmental, child-centered and play-based therapy approaches are used to create a fun and positive atmosphere for clients to learn and grow.

Speech and Language Therapy helps children who struggle with:



Expert Speech Pathologists.

Articulation/Speech Intelligibility

Expressive language

Receptive language

Social-Pragmatic communication

Pre-language development

Voice quality

Stuttering/speech fluency

Auditory processing

Reading comprehension

Reading intervention/literacy


Expert Speech Pathologists.
Expert Speech Pathologists.
Expert Speech Pathologists.

Taylor’d Speech provides online speech-language

tele-therapy services from the convenience of your home using your computer/smart device!


Who can use telepractice services?

Online speech-language therapy services are most appropriate for school-age children or adults who have wider attention spans that allow them to focus on the session, as well as those clients who do not require ‘hands-on’ physical cueing. Tele-therapy can work with children ages 2 to 5 years with hands-on assistance from caregivers. Clients will be screened before treatment to ensure that the client is an appropriate candidate for online speech language therapy services.


What equipment is required to access telepractice services?

All you’ll need is a computer with high speed internet connection, a webcam, audio out-put and microphone (typically built-in to your computer). The following software can be used to engage in tele-practice services: Google+ Hangout/Meet or Zoom.


How to schedule your tele-practice services?

Sessions are scheduled with your clinician, at a convenient time of the day that is suitable for both parties. Client and clinician log into the virtual software (Google+ Hangout) during the predetermined time. The session lengths are dependent of the client and his/her needs and treatment goals (i.e., 30, 45, or 60 minutes long). Sessions are scheduled at least 24-48 hours in advance. Sessions for younger children can be provided in increments (i.e., 1 - 30 min session can be made into 2 - 15 minute sessions).  


Please contact to inquire. You will receive a free 15-minute trial speech-language therapy session to determine if you are a candidate for ongoing speech language therapy tele-therapy services. If you are eligible, an appointment will be scheduled. If you haven’t been recently evaluated, an evaluation will need to be conducted in order to determine treatment goals.

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