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School SLP

Special Education, Evaluations, Individual & Group Therapy 

Proudly Staffing
Private, Charter, Montessori Schools & Daycares

We are currently accepting contracts for the upcoming academic year. 

Taylor'd Speech In Your School Facility

Our team is comprised of NYS licensed & board certified speech-language pathologists who conveniently travel to various schools. With a growing number of clients and a team of skilled clinicians, Taylor’d Speech & Language Services™ remains dedicated to serving the community. We strive to provide enriching communication and connection in schools across New York City & Long Island.

We contribute our success to the strong and trusting relationships we’ve built with our schools, clients and families.  At Taylor'd Speech & Language Services™, we are committed to providing personalized care that is both neurodiversity-affirming and culturally responsive. By fostering a positive rapport, we work together more effectively to achieve therapeutic goals, enrich communication while filling your vacancies with dependable and experienced therapists!

Our therapists understand tuition based models which allows us to provide high-quality educational services including specialized programs, advanced technology, and enhanced extracurricular activities.

Special Education

Our therapists have extensive experience working in special education. We actively collaborate with special education teachers, other therapists, and school support staff to develop and implement individualized education programs (IEP) for students with speech and language needs, all while staying within compliance of IEPs.

Individual Therapy

Our competent and skilled therapists are confident in tailoring interventions, understanding and conducting standardized testing, informal assessments, and observation techniques to meet student goals.

Group Therapy 

Collaborative learning can provide opportunities for peer-to-peer modeling and support via social interaction, improved communication skills and addresses any social communication challenges in small group settings.


Our evaluators will assist your team in determining most appropriate school placement and educational planning for students. We are equipped to provide monolingual and bilingual evaluations in varying developmental domains for accurate differential diagnosis.

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